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Turn Conflict into Cooperation

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No matter your association, business, or organization, we’ve all been there. The meeting topic that should have taken ten minutes, but you’re still somehow stuck on that one issue twenty-five minutes later.

Everyone is still polite, but tension is high. Two members in particular have taken opposing sides to an issue.

You see both sides, but you’re paralyzed, unsure how to bring peace to the situation.

You try a few soothing comments, but the conversation is getting more heated. They’re barely listening to you.

Unfortunately, thousands of community managers every day are experiencing these same problems. Conflicts are natural in any group, but solving them can sometimes seem like it takes a superpower.

Are disagreements between neighbors or between owners and board members causing unrest in your community?

Are disputes and unproductive meetings holding your Homeowners Association back from being a thriving Community?

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You have the power to diminish disrespect and interpersonal conflict!

What if I told you that there is a basic set of skills anyone can learn, that would allow you to resolve almost any conflict harmoniously?

Imagine the impact.

Smoother meetings. Fewer disputes. And ultimately, more time in your day and less weighing down your mind.

Whether it’s through one of my signature keynotes, a personalized training, or one-on-one coaching, we’ll work together to:

1. Discover a new perspective on conflict
2. Design harmonious solutions
3. Work together as a productive team

Stop wasting your energy and time in pointless arguments. Let’s start using that new perspective to build cooperation today!


Not with a community association? Conflict can affect any organization! I have experience teaching conflict resolution and communication to all types of groups from school districts to the department of defense, businesses and non-profits, conflict is everywhere people are!
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“Having a highly skilled facilitator made all the difference for us, and kept both the board and residents in check, while making the session fun, useful, and informative. As a former psychotherapist, I was in awe of the skills Patricia brought to us.”

Kat Bourque , Association Manager
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